Romance Is Rape By Seduction
By Adam Shane Lawes


It is night again and I am once again at Melbourne Cemetery. I woke up and managed to get a few hours sleep in the early hours of this morning, and when I woke up I hid amongst the tombstones when the cemetery gates opened, and then I left an hour later and came back to the cemetery again when it was closed and dark. I have the chance for the rest of the night, to here and there, write in this digital data diary to try and make myself feel better, and to also try and get a sense of what went wrong and what I should do now that I am homeless. Today I went and enquired about how I can get food, and I found out that there is a church charity meal van that parks every night in the carpark of the industrial markets in the central city of Melbourne - (ironically itself once the major inner-city cemetery of Melbourne until the rush of the industrial revolution caused the old gravestones to be removed and the many buried city coffins to be concreted over into a carpark for Melbourne’s major city markets) - and it will only take me about 20 minutes to walk there each evening from here at the cemetery. And I am still cursing my former store manager, who is from India, for terminating me from my job and also lying to the Government unemployment office and making me homeless. For I am now homeless, down and out, sick with the flu, and hiding out here in Melbourne Cemetery because of him. However I will have my revenge upon him by exposing his cruel, corrupt, wrongful behaviour in this digital data diary of mine - because as the tattoos on my hands state - "Art Is A Weapon". And I have now started to work out a plan of survival and a way that I will not get caught living here at Melbourne Cemetery. First I wake each night in the evening when it is dark, just as my body is use to after working nights for more than twenty years since I was a teenager. Then I go to the small, secluded block of toilets at the back of the cemetery, which is always left unlocked, unlike the main toilets at the front of the cemetery, which are locked at the end of each day. And there, using the light from my Apple iPhone, I go to the bathroom and wash and then shave using the cut-throat razor that I bought, and the soap that is always there. After that, I go back and hide my belongings in the tombstones, and then using the light from my Apple iPhone to guide me, I walk to the back of the cemetery and use one of the trees that are growing near the spiked and barb wired back fence of the cemetery, to climb over the sharp and spiked cemetery fence. From there, dressed in one of my two black suits, and wearing my black beanie, I walk down to the carpark of the industrial inner city markets to the church charity meal van to have my daily - or more specifically nightly - meal of soup and bread. And whilst I am waiting for the nightly church charity meal van to drive up and park in the carpark of the industrial Melbourne markets of the central city, I use one of the many electrical power-points that are at the back of the industrial storage warehouses in the carpark there to charge up my Apple iPhone as I wait for the church charity meal van. So this solves the problem of keeping my Apple iPhone charged and both it and myself alive. For now that I am homeless and hiding out in Melbourne Cemetery, as long as I only use my Apple iPhone for this digital data diary of mine, I will be able to both keep it charged for my nightly digital data diary writing, and also hopefully get by for a fairly long period on the fairly large amount of pre-paid credit that I have left on my Apple iPhone - because before I got sick and was terminated from my job and made homeless, I was happily spending all my spare money on stocking up my new Apple iPhone with pre-paid credit so that I could buy and download a lot of music and videos for my Apple iPhone. However now that I have been unfairly terminated from my job and denied unemployment benefits because of my former corrupt supermarket store manager, and I am now homeless and hiding out here in Melbourne Cemetery, I am only going to us my Apple iPhone to discreetly light my way when necessary at night, and then use my Apple iPhone to write these nightly digital diary data entries of mine. So anyway, after I have gone to the carpark of the industrial Melbourne markets and recharged my Apple iPhone and had my nightly meal from the church charity meal van, I then walk back to the cemetery, and using the light from my Apple iPhone, I set up my sleeping bag beneath the tree, and write here on my Apple iPhone in my digital data diary, and then fall asleep for a few hours until I am woken up by the light of day in the early morning. Then I go and hide my belongings and myself in the tombstones and wait until the cemetery opens. After the cemetery is opened, I then walk around in the cemetery throughout the day, and before the cemetery closes, I leave and then come back once it is dark and the cemetery is shut again, and then I can do the same nightly ritual again. So the problem of going to the bathroom, washing, shaving, getting food, charging my Apple iPhone, and having lighting has all been solved. In terms of my clothes, I have two sets of black suits, and I have worked out a way that I can wash my clothes once a week. As I can use the hot water tap and the basin in the bathroom that I use to wash myself in each night, to also wash the second black suit that I have on a weekly basis. And I have found a tombstone that is hidden very discreetly beneath a large tree in the middle of the cemetery that I can hide and hang my black suit over it to dry, and where I doubt that it would be seen, and where it also looks like my clothes will be fairly protected whenever it rains. So that solves the problem of cleaning my clothes here and there. But besides the obvious fact that I am homeless, this situation is not as good, for the want of a better term, as it could be. For it would be better if I could have somewhere to hide and sleep during the day, as I am used to doing, and that way I can wake up each night and get ready, go to the church charity meal van, and then come back and stay up all night, and then hide and go to sleep in the morning before the cemetery opens. It seems as if the security patrol always drives through the cemetery each night sometime between 1am and 2am in the morning. So it would be also better if I could be more hidden at night so I don't have to worry about the security patrol ever seeing me unexpectedly. However I don't yet know of such a place where I can hide at night, and then sleep in the cemetery during the day though. So tomorrow I am going to look around the cemetery for a better place to hide and sleep in.

© Copyright Adam Shane Lawes