Romance Is Rape By Seduction
 By Adam Shane Lawes


It is night again and I have made some ground today. Earlier today, when I was wandering around the cemetery, I found an old grave that had one of those stone encasements over the whole grave. The lid to this stone encasement was cracked and separated in one of the back corners over the whole grave, which gave me the chance to push it aside and look inside. Inside this stone encasement, there is an area of approximately three feet high by six feet long and a metre wide, which is enough for me to slide the stone lid back, spread my sleeping bag out, hide my bag in there, and slide in there, and then slide the broken piece of stone lid back again over me, and roll into my sleeping bag and zip it up. And although it hasn't rained since I've been made homeless, this is Melbourne so I am going to be in for a lot of rainy weather. So now I can lay inside there at night, and also be protected from any rain, and also the coming autumn and winter cold weather, and I also have enough space to lay on my side, and write here in my digital data diary. And then when morning comes, I can go to sleep, and be hidden and protected in there all day, and then wake up and go to the cemetery bathroom and get ready, and then go and get my nightly meal from the church charity meal van, and then come back here again. And I can also keep my sleeping bag and belongings hidden in there and safe from the weather. So now I am going to go and clean out the grave encasement and set myself up in it - so it is goodnight from me tonight.

© Copyright Adam Shane Lawes