Romance Is Rape By Seduction
By Adam Shane Lawes


I am lying down inside my sleeping bag hidden inside this stone encasement of this grave, and now typing on my Apple iPhone here in my digital data diary. And although it feels a bit creepy to be lying on top of someone's grave, never the less, for the first time since I've been made homeless, I finally feel some sense of comfort and being protected, however strange this new situation may be. The grave encasement that I am now 'living' in, is of a girl who died in 1939 at the age of 16 years old. There were a few other old graves with broken stone encasements, but when I saw the grave of this girl and her age, I thought that if I am going to be haunted for sleeping inside someone's grave, then at least I would like it to be by a girl who is sixteen years old. And her grave is an old grave and it doesn't say anything about her life. But I don't feel any bad vibes or anything, like I am disturbing her soul or something like that. Also, there is a small statue of a female angel over her grave, and in some strange and sublime way, it makes me feel a little bit more welcome and protected here.

© Copyright Adam Shane Lawes